Unable to add a phone number to Google My Business, How to Fix?

If you’ve experienced frustration trying to add a phone number to your Google My Business (GMB) profile, rest assured, you’re not alone. Now, let’s uncover the underlying causes of this dilemma and navigate through effective solutions to overcome it.

  • “Why can’t I add my phone number to Google Business?”
  • “Why won’t Google accept my phone number?”
  • “How do I add my phone number to Google My Business?” Let’s delve into the reasons behind this and find solutions.
Google My Business Phone Not Approved

In certain regions such as India, Google has implemented additional measures to ensure the accuracy of phone numbers. These measures are aimed at safeguarding the integrity of your Business Profile.”

Business profile owners can take additional steps to verify phone number edits.

Google carefully reviews your edits, and your edits may be subject to review during this process. Once verification is completed, the edited information will be live on your profile.

How to Fix This and Verify Mobile Number?

To add a number to your Google My Business or Google Business Profile, you’ll need to follow some additional steps as per Google’s guidelines.

If you see a “Learn More” button, click on it. This will either take you to a form or to the help center where you can find further instructions.

For more information, you can see here

Fill out the above form with Google guidelines.

Above Form details:

  • Your Name
  • Your Email Adress
  • Name of your business. Add the original name of your business.
  • Business website
  • Url of the business on map/ Your Business Profile ID
  • Business phone number

Along with this, you need to submit some proof:

  • TAN 
  • business registration, 
  • Business license displaying the owner’s name, business name, and business address.

If necessary, you may need to provide a utility bill that includes your business phone number. This bill should be from any service provider such as electricity, telephone, postpaid mobile phone, piped gas, water bill, etc., and must be dated within the last two months.

Ensure that you do not attach any sensitive business details when submitting the utility bill.

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